About Us

about usCameron Shields has been involved with the sandstone industry for over 20 years. He began his career working as an apprentice in Sydney city, assisting with maintaining many heritage buildings while learning the sandstone trade.

Cam later started his own business based in the Hawkesbury region of NSW, where he worked out of one of the many quarries in the area. When he first started out Cam had no machinery other than his truck and a saw, so he used basic tools to cut down and spilt the stone into ballast blocks. The business had just one customer when it first started – Kellyville Landscape Supplies – who would always take a load of ballast when it was available. In those days, Cam had to hand-load all the blocks for deliveries as he did not have the luxury of having a bobcat on-site.

Fast forward to 2018 and Sydney Sandstone Cutter now have all the machinery and equipment to make life a lot easier and faster! Cam now runs the business with the help of his wife Sharlene, who takes care of the bookkeeping and marketing side of things. Customers come from far and wide seeking high quality sandstone and our stone has been used in a wide range of stunning projects. Check out some of these in our Gallery.

Sydney Sandstone Cutter are committed to ensuring all our customers are happy with our products and service. We will always go the extra mile for any type of order, no matter how big or small. If we can’t do the job or supply the stone, we will always give you the details of another stonemason or supplier that may be able to help. We are passionate about sandstone and love working in this industry… even after all these years!

For more information about us, call today on 02 4576 0945 or shoot us an email: shieldssandstone@live.com.au