How to lay garden edging

1. Dig a small trench approximately 200mm wide and 100mm deep. This depth is sufficient as the stone will not be retaining any weight due to it’s low profile.

2. With the use of a string line, a nice straight edge can be achieved. These pieces of stone weigh approximately 10kg each which makes handling and laying them relatively easy.

3. Mix your cement

  • A good rule of thumb for mixing is: 1 part cement to 5 parts brickies sand.
  • Add enough water to the cement so it’s easy to mix with a trowel or spade in a wheelbarrow.
  • Wet down stones with water as they are very porus and this will help stop the cement joints from cracking.
  • Place cement into the trench and start laying the stones one by one, with the string line in place. Keep the stone just off the string line and continue until the wall is complete.
  • If you get cement on the stone where you don’t want it, grab a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush and clean the stone before the cement hardens.